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Drill Down on specific locations and find hidden investment prospects using the Innqusition app

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Specialty Lodging are properties with staff onsite & Hostels (dorm style lodging)

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Inns and B&B’s almost exclusively independently-owned and operated

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Hotels range from 20 to 1000 rooms.

Hotel Consulting, what is it really about?

Hints4Hoteliers is a consulting and advisory company that offers hoteliers with managerial and investment advice. The suite of tools they offer includes purchasing inventory, revenue management, digital marketing & website development, customer service, bookkeeping- all to help make your business strategy successful.
The company’s team of hospitality professionals are passionate about making the whole experience better for everyone involved.

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Hints4hoteliers is a suite of services and tools for hoteliers that makes your strategic plan more efficient & successful.

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The Innquistiory by Hints4hoteliers uses proprietary algorithms to scan billions of data points from public sources to help identify opportunities, threats, strengths and weakness


Schedule a meeting with you in person or virtually and clarify your organization's strategic objectives while discovering the underlying issues that have been stopping you from achieving them thus far.


Once we’ve agreed to a goal we can draft a plan supporting your strategy implementation whether through Investment allocation (allocating assets intelligently), cost reduction (saving money on spending), marketing awareness campaigns-or Executive Coaching when needed!

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